Smart Building Analytics

even buildings can have senses


What is happening inside of your building?

How many

of the people nearby have visited your building over a period x?

How often

do visitors return per week, per month, per quarter or per year to your building?

How long

do single visitors or groups of visitors remain in your building per visit?


parts of the building do visitors go to, which areas do they visit conjointly and which don’t they visit at all?



Depending on the use case and structural conditions we offer you a Bluetooth, Wifi and 3D stereo vision sensor solutions.



Our Blue Cell sensor is designed to collect the signals emitted by mobile communication devices.



The anonymous data are either processed directly inside the Blue Cell or on our designated analytics servers.



Based on the visualized data and reports you will be able to take sound and measurable decisions.

Sensor für Personenströme und Asset Tracking
  • Covers an measuring range of approx. 2.000m²
  • Good for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Simple and easy to use plug & play architecture
  • Data transmission via LAN, WLAN and GSM
  • Requires a regular 230 Volt connection
  • Integrated data storage
  • 3D stereo vision technology
  • Full-image person tracking
  • Plug & Play configuration
  • Standard interface enables easy integration
  • Swiss Quality Product
  • 8 counting lines
  • 8 counting/activity zones
  • Multipoint lines and zones
  • Late and In/Out count
  • Multisensor: up to 8 sensors
  • Integrated height and heat maps

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